From 2011 to 2013, Ian was a member of the Bath University Submarine Racing Team (BURST), who built and raced human-powered submarines at international competitions in the UK and USA.

Most notably, during the 2013 racing season Ian was team principle. That year, BURST managed to fund, build and race a brand new submarine, setting a new British underwater speed record and securing the until then insecure future of the team at the University of Bath.

Human-powered racing submarines are flooded hull vehicles, where occupants breathe from SCUBA systems and propel the craft themselves. The 2013 team build the submarine Menrva, a single person propeller driven craft that achieved a top speed of 4.05 knots at the 12th International Submarine Races.

The fibreglass vessel was mechanically driven, with counter rotating propellers, and a cabled control system. It was entirely designed and built by the undergraduate team of mechanical and electrical engineers.

BURST are still operating at the University of Bath and are one of a growing number of European submarine racing teams.